Pidaunyapi!  We Thank You for Your Support!  

Dakota Wicohan* is a cultural resource center that sustains, grows, and transmits
Dakota cultural lifeways, arts, and language
so that together we are better prepared to lead with wo'Dakota.  

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The essence of Dakota language recalls, instructs and heals
our inherent relationship with Creation,
which is essential to the continuation of indigenous communities. 
Dakota language, culture and lifeways strengthens 
Dakota identity, kinship and community well being.

* Dakota Wicohan (wee-CHO-ha) means the Dakota Way of Life

Listen to Some of Minnesota's First Language Speakers 

Want to Learn More About Minnesota's First Language?

Knowing the story of our language is an important part of the Dakota language revitalization movement. Dakota Iapi Teunhindapi: We Cherish the Dakota Language is that story told in this 54-minute documentary based on interviews with Dakota elders and teachers. Companion curriculum and handbook are also available. Regardless of background, we encourage everyone to listen to this important story.